Holders CoherentLight


In the original CoLight holders video, Brianne, Shanna and Angela each take a turn with these symbols of an era that is gone but never forgotten. They use a mix of holders from six inches to 18 inches in length filled with not only their regular filtered brands but a great many unfiltered cigarettes as well. Brianne’s debut is of special interest for those who love ball-sized snap inhales. Angela favors slow husky exhales when using the 12 inch holder. And Shanna’s segments, as you’d expect, are spectacular with her huge drags, perfect snaps, slow exhales and knowing look. Throughout the video, there are also double drags, mouth/nose exhales, and great profile shots. There are also a few minutes of outtakes at the end. This video has natural sound and some dialogue, and is a great outing because of the smoking, even if you’re not a holders fan.

Date: July 1, 2023

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