Elsa: Nostril Exhales Interview


Elsa, the Queen of nostril exhales is back in a new sexy video. She now increased her consumption to 2 packs of cigarettes a day. This time, Elsa smokes one of the sexiest cigarette on earth: 120s! She begins to feel the effects of smoking in her body, especially her breath. She sometimes feels out of breath when climbing stairs; she breaks coughing a few times during the interview. She tells she has felt preoccupied these days and is having difficulties to sleep, so she chain smokes a lot in bed during nights.

The smoking style of this Polish teenager is still full of grace. She smokes here with beautiful deep drags and her amazing nostril trick: she exhales through her nose during double inhaling. The smoke is continuously pouring out of her nostrils, powerfully blown out or slowly released. Even before the residual smoke disappears she feeds her with a deep power drag. At the question, do you think about quitting? She answers: “I know I should, but I can’t, I’m too addicted.” “The only way for me to quit would be to get pregnant.” Indeed, she then tells us that it’s not rare for her to chainsmoke 10 cigarettes in a raw. She also confides us that she sometimes smokes sensually to catch guy’s attention.

All cigarettes are brought to flame with matches. She spontaneously smokes 6 120s in this video. Rush on it if you’re into these jewel cigarettes, nostril exhales, or if you want to discover Elsa’s unique style!

Date: July 1, 2023

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