Amber Mean Girl Smoking


Sexy smoking model Amber is looking pretty in three new custom scenes being mean to you as she smokes her Marlboro Red 100s. Here are the details for each scene:

1st Scene:

Amber has discovered that you enjoy buying and watching smoking videos and finds it quite amusing and weird. She mocks and laughs at you as she lets you know that she thinks what you like is strange and creepy but smokes her cigarette in her sexy style so you can enjoy.

2nd Scene:

You are Amber’s little brother and your bully, who Amber is now dating, has thrown you to the ground and holds you down as Amber towers over you to humiliate you and talks about how much she enjoys seeing you get bullied and how much of a looser she thinks you are as she enjoys her cigarette and blows her smoke in your face.

3rd Scene:

Once again you are on the ground under Amber with her foot in your face as she lets you know how much she does not like you and how she plans to continue to make your life miserable since you are such a looser. She laughs at you for letting her make you cry as she enjoys her cigarette and exhales her smoke down on your face.

All three scenes are captured from two angles and all are included in a separate HD download. Amber is a nice person irl but she has fun with these custom request scenarios and as always she enjoys smoking her strong Marlboro Red 100s!!

Date: July 4, 2023

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