Mackenzi Starts Smoking Cigarettes


Pretty smoker girl Mackenzi in in a cute outfit as she chain smokes two VS120 in this custom video with the following storyline:

The premise is she is a high school student who is super cute and innocent and a very good girl. Her best friend’s mom smokes and her best friend decided to start taking her mom’s cigarettes and she has started smoking. Her mom even knows she smokes and doesn’t mind and even buys her cigarettes. Mackenzi’s friend has been trying to get her to try but she doesn’t want to because she has never done anything bad and doesn’t want to get into trouble. One day at school her friend finally convinces her to take a pack of her mom’s VS 120s from her. Her friend asked her to at least try one and if she doesn’t like it then she will stop bugging her about it. Mackenzi gets home from school and after thinking about it decides that she likes the idea of being the innocent girl next door who smokes. She lights one up and inhales and although it burns it feels surprisingly good. As she smokes she inhales deeper and deeper and quickly gets down snap inhales. After the first one she decides she really likes it and lights up another. As she smokes the second one she calls her friend and tells her that she is going to need her mom to get her cigarettes too since she is a smoker now.

Date: July 4, 2023

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