Mayze Decides To Start Smoking


Here is beautiful Mayze in a custom video with a story line as follows; Mayze has been dating a guy who is a heavy smoker and she hates it, she is sick and tired of smelling like his smoke and breathing all that second hand smoke. She starts off arguing with her boyfriend trying to convince him to quit with no luck so she finally starts to consider smoking herself, she figures that if she can’t beat him she might as well join him. Mayze then comes home from work and she just bought a pack of Virginia Slim 120s. She hesitates at first, questioning herself about if she should really try to smoke one or not. She does decide to give it a try and lights up her first cigarette ever. Much to her surprise she really likes it, she loves the feeling and the buzz the cigarette is giving her and she can inhale the smoke since she has been breathing so much second hand smoke. Mayze loved smoking the first VS120 so much she decides to have another, she enjoys the chain smoking and talks throughout the video about her thoughts and feeling of starting smoking for the first time. She gets excited and calls her friend to tell her she is smoking a cigarette for the first time since her friend is a smoker and she talks to herself during the rest of the video. Although this is Mayze’s first cigarette she can do awesome snap inhales and handles her cigarette like a pro.Mayze is dressed up nicely but conservatively in a business outfit with stockings and high heels. The first 8 minutes is just Mayze talking and the last 20 minutes she chain smokes and talks about the whole experience. Although Mayze isn’t an actress she does do a really good job at acting and her performance is pretty believable.

Date: July 4, 2023

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