Roxeanne Skilled Sexy Smoker


Gorgeous smoking model Roxeanne is back in her all new smoking video. After learning from Jenna & Willow, Roxeanne has developed a sexy open mouth inhale and snap inhale smoking style and looks beautiful as she smokes her cigarettes. Roxeanne smokes 7 cigarettes in 6 sexy smoking scenes, two Marlboro #27s, one all white Virginia Slim and four Marlboro Reds!! She does one chain smoking scene starting out with a Red and then the VS and enjoys strong Reds showing that she isnt just a pretty girl but she can really smoke. The two profile scenes show lots of residual nose exhales because she does like to inhale her smoke deep before exhaling long streams of smoke. She like to look at you and she does some RAY exhales as well. Awesome smoking from Roxeanne a sexy natural redhead who loves smoking!!

Date: July 4, 2023

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