Smoking in the park and crushing Smoking Angie


The weekend arrived and I can’t wait to go outside, enjoy some fresh air, go for a walk and eat an ice-cream, one of my favorite things! I put on my comfy clothes, a blue jeans, which by the way makes my waist look pretty good, right? A colorful t-shirt and my Schutz sneakers, I’m ready for a walk. 

Now the thing is that after the sweet always comes the craving for a strong smoke, I can’t help it! I was walking back home and started thinking about it, grabbing my pack, the first deep inhale. Then I realized I had my cigarettes in my purse! That was it, I stopped at the park and the best time of my day started: my night smoke., of course. Inhaling and exhaling into the cold air, watching the smoke being carried by the wind. I can’t say that park is the best location, they’ve been doing some gardening so the floor was covered with dry grass, the benchs have graffitis. But, that’s the beauty about smoking, it makes any place the best place, I enjoy so much my deep inhales mixed with fresh air, I walk around a little bit. 

Let me tell you something funny, I almost fall to the ground in the middle of my smoke! I was so high on nicotine, I lost my equilibrium! You can see it on my face I was enjoying so much. For the final touch I smoked till the end and threw the cigarette butt on the floor, time to crush this baby. I stepped on it with my sneaker and crushed it really good, you can see the detail, the perfect end for an outdoor smoking adventure.

Date: July 5, 2023
Actors: Angie

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