Stefi: Why Do I Like To Smoke So Much?


Have you ever seen a girl that fits into that many roles? Stefi (20 years old) is such a girl. She works as barmaid in a famous disco in Barcelona, you can always meet her dangling a fresh Winston cigarette as she serves your favourite drink behind the bar. In average she smokes 30 cigarettes every working night, and 15 cigarettes during the day time.

On this video you will see her in many different dressings and roles, ranging from galant over slutty to the common ‘girl next door’-type. Some of the Stefis you would ask for a date, another Stefi you would meet at a Party, and another Stefi you would definitely never show your parents… Self-confindently, eye contact is kept nearly all the time, in some scenes you would never guess that such an innocent girl would dare to touch a bad thing like a cigarette, in others, you couldn’t imagine her without a cigarette. But does she do roleplay ? We don’t know, but in fact, in each of these roles, she looks really authentic.

Her smoking style is characterized by some dangles -she is used to do it at her work- and long smoke-keeping before exhaling. Also, short drags aren’t Stefi’s kind of business. During the first 5 minutes of this video you will see serious power Smoking with up to three inhales without letting any bit of smoke out before. And later you will see the more relaxed style, and her usual dangles while mixing drinks or smoking a 120. Don’t forget to turn on your loudspeakers to hear the sexy snapping sounds that she does in each drag.

The question why she likes smoking so much is not answered here, because this is not an interview video – but after watching this video there will be no doubt that she dies for smoking and that she smokes very much. Go for this video if you like power smoking (first minutes of the video), dangles and big breasted smoking waitress.

Date: July 12, 2023

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