Britney And Jenny SmokingCoeds by Pink Angel


In this terrific video, Britney is Pink Angel, the hot young smoker with great style and great smoking friends. And Jenny is one of those friends, who actually modelled for Specialized Videos under the name Tina. Together, they smoke for nearly an hour-and-a-half, in both duo and solo scenes. The video begins with a long smoking interview/discussion; there are two more duos later in the video – one casual, one putting on makeup together. Interspersed are solo scenes with Jenny in lingerie and leather thigh-high boots, in casual clothes enjoying a soda, driving while listening to the radio, and once more in lingerie while smoking and having some wine. Of course there’s dialogue throughout the duo scenes, but Jenny also carries on a running monologue in her other scenes, about smoking as well as related subjects that come to mind. Britney’s the more accomplished smoker with huge, thick exhales along with lots of great snap inhales; Jenni’s style is straightforward but strong. The models smoke corks, all-whites and 120s in this excellent outing.

Date: July 17, 2023
Actors: Pink Angel

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