All Whites 7 In Real Life


All Whites 7 features attractive real girls smoking all-white cigarettes in natural settings. In All Whites 7 you will see Kassie (two scenes), Alisa (two scenes), Tyra, Kellie, Abbie, Tonya, Courtney and Bethany, all smoking all-whites. Highlights include Kassie smoking two cigarettes at once in one of her scenes, Kellie showing off her rapid smoking, and Abbie with her always-great assortment of snaps, open-mouth inhales, french and snap inhales, and nose exhales. There are also nice nose exhales from Alisa and Tyra, and combination mouth/nose exhales from Tonya. All scenes run from beginning to end, with no second camera footage. This video has natural audio (with no audio on several scenes due to technical issues). You will see the girls enjoy Marlboro Lights 100s (regular and menthol) and Virginia Slims 100s, and use lighters for lightups.

Date: July 18, 2023

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