Pregnant smoker’s dark thoughts Eva36d


Custom clip:
My first dark smoking fetish clip.

“What I’m looking for is for you to pretend you are pregnant and smoke as many as possible at once (don’t need to break your record, just needs to be a whole lot.. 10 cigarettes) all the while your beautiful belly sticking out and you lovingly rubbing it with both hands full of cigarettes and blowing your smoke all over your belly.

If you could please tell me how excited and happy you are to be pregnant, how you have more than doubled/tripled your smoking since you’ve found out you were pregnant because let’s face it, you are smoking for two now! If you could tell me how you can’t wait for your to come out so you can share your wonderful smoking life with her. How you can’t wait to teach her how to be a perfect smoking princess just like her step-mother.

If you could occasionally alternate taking drags from the cigarettes in one hand while saying “these ones are for step-mommy” then switching to other hand and saying “these ones are for my precious baby”.

If possible to say that until she can hold cigarettes on her own and smoke by herself you’ll obviously have to help her so you’re looking forward to breastfeeding her and blowing all your exhales directly at her while she’s sucking for milk.”

Date: July 19, 2023
Actors: Eva36d

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