Ava Grey In Depth Smoking Interview USASmokers


Ava Grey chain smokes 2 and a half Marlboro Red 100s in this custom video as she goes into depth about her smoking. She is asked to read a few brief sentences from the customer about his thoughts and experiences then she answers the question that is asked. Here are the questions:

1. What is your background in terms of smoking. Do your family smoke? If so, tell me about your early memories and thoughts on smoking?
2. When did you have your first desires to start smoking, and how did they lead into your first cigarette and tell me about that experience?
3. How did your family find out (if they know) and what was their reaction, opinions/feelings etc.?
4. How did your habit develop to where it is now, over how long… and what is your current smoking pattern/amount?
5. Do you have any celebrity smokers you looked up to from your early days of smoking? How did you learn about the Smoking Interest? What were and are your thoughts about it?
6. When you had become a smoker, how would you have rated in order of importance the following aspects of smoking to you?
1) Smoking tasting good
2) Smoking looking good
3) Smoking feeling good
4) Smoking easing stress/worry
5) Smoking for social benefit (fitting into a family/friend group)
7. Have you tried to quit smoking before your recent attempt? If so, tell me about them?
If not tell me about this one, where it came from and what changed
8. Do you have the Interest yourself? Are you turned on by a hot guy smoking well? Or by a hot girl smoking sexily? Or do you get turned on by looking sexy yourself, whilst being watched for your smoking? If so, have you shared any of these in a relationship with anyone?
9. How did smoking fit into your friend circles? Did you, and do you have your close smoking friends, whose bond is even stronger due to the shared enjoyment of lighting up together, like drinking together?
10. Did you have any friends who weren’t smokers, or worse anti-smokers who you wanted to get to start smoking with you? Did you get them started, or did they start independently, if so tell me about it?
11. What knowledge or research have you done of the Smoking Interest before becoming a model on USA Smokers (and doing professional quality indie-vids like this one?) which Smoking Interest icons or websites have you a) heard of (b) seen? (c) visit?
12. If you could earn a good wage/salary as a professional smoking model for the rest of your working life, working out and keeping healthy apart from the vice that pays the bills, would you?
13. What tricks do you know of and what can you do? What other smoking Interest things have you tried? e.g. two-at-once, nasal smoking, speed smoking, dangling only smoking etc.?
14. What’s your favorite cigarette of the day?
Have you smoked cigars (not including your USA Smoker videos) ?
Have you smoked pipes?
Have you smoked roll you own?
Have you kissed someone while both smoking?
Do you like or NEED a cigarette after sex, or are not bothered about having one?
Have you smoked during sex?
Will you continue smoking forever now, or do you plan to quit again sometime?
If you have a family would you continue smoking, would you try to persuade your kids not to, or let them choose without external influence (either hiding your smoking or being open about?) or even encourage them to when they get to the right age?
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Date: July 20, 2023

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