Jenna Incredible Smoking Babe USASmokers


Gorgeous Jenna shows off her fit sexy body while heavily smoking cigarettes in this brand new smoking video. Jenna is very disciplined and into health and fitness, she takes very good care of herself doesn’t party much so smoking is her only vice and she engages in it intensely, smoking over a pack a day now.
Jenna demolishes a Newport 100 while doing a real working out with 15 lb weights, filmed from two angles. She smokes a Virginia Slim in a pink bikini looking absolutely stunning, filmed from two angles. In the sunlight wearing a skimpy bodysuit she exhales huge clouds of thick Parliament smoke, filmed from two angles. The close up angle of Jenna smoking a non filter Lucky Strike is also included for a total of 7 smoking scenes. The audio clearly captures all the sounds of this babe smoking her cigarettes in full size HD.
Incredible looking woman enjoying her only bad habit….heavy smoking

Date: July 20, 2023

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