Rings CoherentLight


This is another title from deep in the CoherentLight archives. Megan and her good friend Mizz P are into smoke rings, and they display their prowess in three long segments. Megan displays a consistently thick streams of rings, while Mizz P punches her thick tight rings into the air to mix with those from Megan’s lips. Each woman is also featured in her own solo segment. Megan’s includes a three-quarters view of her rings and a display of how to pop them over the tip of a nice rubber toy. They then join in the kitchen for wine, lascivious conversation (especially about where to blow one’s rings) and an air-filling display. They playfully shoot rings into the air, into each other’s faces and into each other’s rings. The conversation steers around to Megan’s husband and how she likes to torment him with her smoke rings; she and Mizz P discuss the delights of a possible three way ring toss. Finally, the two women discover a common love: shoes. Megan knows of her husband’s weakness for them and delights in sharing her shoes with Mizz P for wearing and ringing. They each try on other shoes and use each other’s heels for a game of ring-toss, ending by holding up their favorite heels to impale their rings. This video was remastered from the original analog tape so the quality is degraded a bit in spots, but the action is terrific. This video has dialogue and natural sound.

Date: July 23, 2023
Actors: Megan (CLP)

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