Selena Nails CoherentLight


After being rebuffed by someone at a local club, Selena takes matters into her red-tipped hands. She kidnaps the scruffy-looking guy, binds him in a chair and shows him what his life will be like as she smokes white 100s and threatens him with her tough, two-inch nails. He insists he can’t stand smokers and doesn’t like her. Using her sharp red claws, her teeth and the hot coal of her cigarette, Selena convinces him to accept her lip-crushing kisses. From start to finish, hard kissing, facial burns, facial clawing, biting, and delightfully cruel looks make this a very unusual video. Selena shows virtually all snap inhales, husky, mixed mouth and nostril exhales, some dangling exhales, and double drags. There’s also great pure smoking footage at the end of the long scene. This video has natural sound and dialogue.

Date: July 23, 2023
Actors: Selena (CLP)

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