California Beauty Second Hand Smoke


In this vid, Jessi starts off smoking informally, in a green top, jeans and bare feet, as she talks a bit about her smoking history. She then shifts to a stunning leopard-print dress and leather boots, before changing into a classy black dress and moving to the bar for a glass of wine. In the second half of the video, Jessi’s getting ready to relax in the hot tub; she strips to her black bra and panties as she enjoys a cigarette while running the water in the tub – undresses in front of her mirror, admiring her nude body while she smokes – and finally, brings her cigarettes into the tub as enjoys a bubble bath. Jessi’s smoking is accomplished, with deep inhales (including lots of hands-free inhales), thick stream exhales, dangles and double drags, as well as an assortment of nose exhales, frenches and rings mixed in. She smokes a variety of brand, including VS 120s.

Date: July 24, 2023

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