Dance Party Second Hand Smoke


Second Hand Smoke threw a small dance party. And the only requirement for girls to get in, was that they had to be attractive, young, and smokers. More than a dozen girls who fit the bill came to the party. They were told to have a good time, dance — and smoke up a storm. And they sure did. What you’ll see is simply edited footage as the cameras tracked the action, trying to keep up with all the smoking. It wasn’t easy at times, since there was so much incredible action, and the fact that the girls were dancing made things a little tougher for the cameras to keep up with them. But the final product is some of the greatest real-life smoking footage ever. You won’t see a lot of fancy smoking tricks – the girls were way too busy dancing and having a great time. But every single girl was a serious smoker, many of them chain-smokers, so you’ll see tons of deep drags and thick exhales – and some of the sexiest smoking footage ever.

Date: July 24, 2023

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