Danni Uninhibited Second Hand Smoke


Danni is a model who you may have seen elsewhere – but not like this. There’s nudity – but it’s tasteful nudity – and very sexy. And there’s terrific smoking, too. The video is a series of vignettes, shot from different angles. The first shows Danni relaxing in a black negligee, on a bed with black satin sheets. She smokes VS 120s, Newport 100s, and Marlboro 100s with great style: straight exhales plus lots of French inhales, wafts, and smoke rings. No nudity here, but very sexy and seductive. Next, Danni relaxes in the jacuzzi – drinking champagne, and surrounded by candles, bubbles, and balloons – and enjoying a cigar – while naked. Now, she’s back in bed, again surrounced by balloons and candles – but this time, her negligee is lowered to expose her large breasts, as she smokes all-whites from a silver case. The rest of the video is a series of similar, sexy scenes. We see Danni relaxing in the jacuzzi, in a chair and in bed …smoking VS 120s, Marlboro Lights 100s and small cigars, with deep inhales, thick exhales, French inhales, smoke rings…wearing a black negligee, a red negligee…and nude.

Date: July 24, 2023

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