Fetish Style Second Hand Smoke


Jade Bond is a sultry 19-year old who has already made a name for herself as a mainstream fetish model. But she also happens to be a heavy and dedicated smoker, who was more than happy to show off both of her talents. Jade begins the video with a lengthy and interesting monologue/interview about her smoking, as she warms up with a VS 120 and shows nice exhales with cone exhales. But she really starts to shine when she appears in her second scene – she models a sexy red and black corset; and as she talks about corsets and fetish dress, her eyes shine, her drags get deeper and deeper, and we not only nice cones, but thick and voluminous nose exhales as well. She then switches to a beautiful antique corset, and that seems to spark her smoking even more – as the inhales become even deeper and the exhales even thicker. In her final scene she shows that the antique corset can be worn without a bra as well – and her topless smoking is even sexier. Several times during the video, Jade tells us how perfectly smoking goes with corsets and fetish outfits – and her performance, smoking in her corsets, proves her point perfectly.

Date: July 24, 2023

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