Hellen Plus Second Hand Smoke


This video is the third in a series featuring incredible smokers from Eastern Europe. When it comes to smoking, Eastern Europe is what the rest of the world used to be like. Cigarettes are very cheap, smoking is allowed almost everywhere – and heavy and accomplished smoking is the norm, not the exception. And Hellen, in her early 20s, is yet another great example. Hellen regularly smokes 2 or more packs a day, and does it with great style, which we see throughout the video. Deep drags, open mouth inhales, nose exhales, french inhales, multiple pumps, and rings are all on display, as she talks non-stop about her love of smoking, how she enjoys putting on a show in public as men watch her, and unabashedly, about how she believes she’s the best smoker in her country. Hellen also smokes two cigarettes at once, and finishes by smoking an unfiltered French cigarette. The last ten minutes of this video features the return of Oana, the fantastic smoker from part one of this series – smoking outdoors at a restaurant. In the first of her scenes, she smokes two cigarettes at once (in public), still showing her open mouth inhales and multiple pumps while doing it. In the second scene, she competes with Michelle, in a flash smoking contest to see who can finish first. You should know that this video was shot on location in Eastern Europe, with less-than-optimal equipment and lighting, so it doesn’t have the digital quality look of most videos. However, the video and lighting are more than adequate to fully appreciate Hellen’s personality, love of smoking, and incredible smoking talent, along with those of Oana and Michelle.

Date: July 24, 2023

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