Kerri And Janae Second Hand Smoke


Kerri and Janae are two cute Southern California teens – who love to smoke – and love playing with their smoke. In the first part of the vid, each of them is interviewed about their smoking. Kerri, who really is a real-life VS 120 smoker tells us that she loves smoking, and it feels classy, while showing fluffy exhales and a few rings. Janae also shows fluffy exhales and some slight frenches while telling us that she likes exhaling and watching people smoke. The second part of the video is spent with Kerri and Janae, chain-smoking VS 120s, ML 100s and Camel Filters on a bed, while watching porn on TV (the porn is off-screen). They comment on the porn and on sex in general, and talk a lot more about their smoking, while Kerri blows lots of thick rings and Janae mixes small rings, slight frenches and her fluffy exhales. Finally, the two best friends hang on the couch and share cigarettes while talking more about sex, boys and smoking – they do some shotguns and smoky kisses as well.

Date: July 24, 2023

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