YUDI the smoking machine Asian Fetish Club


Beautiful sexy skilled smoker Yudi is back in an all new smoking video chain smoking 2 super strong cigarettes as her smoke normally in real life (her cigarette named tower of yellow which even more strong than Marlboro red100s,each cigarette including tar/15mg,CO/12mg,nicotine1.2/mg). Yudi shows off her sexy extreme smoking skills including powerful French drags, deeply audible inhales,  open mouth exhales and nose exhaling combo launch, and hands free hard cheek hollowing drags which give her tons of rich smoke that she inhales as deep into her black tar filled lungs as she can. Yudi lay in a sofa wearing a black silk stocking showing off her sexy long legs while smoking her favorite cigarettes. Each scenes are captured from two angles( full side view and close up side view)  are included in a this HD download. Please don’t hesitating to buy this video, it was beyond the dollars to collect it!

Date: July 30, 2023

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