Preslie Wants To Become A Smoking Model USASmokers


Here is the lovely smoking model Preslie wearing a skimpy skirt with black thigh highs and knee high boots as she chain smokes two VS120s in a new custom video with the following scenario:

Preslie is a high school student who was recently browsing YouTube and ran across some videos with smoking models showing off their smoking skills. Preslie thought it looked pretty sexy and although she is not a smoker she wanted to give it a try. She got the guy at the convenience store to sell her a couple packs of Virginia Slim 120s and she comes home to find that her parents left town for the weekend. She gets excited and heads to her bedroom to pull up some videos and try to emulate the smoking models she had been admiring.
Preslie lights one up and struggles at first since she is a non smoker but quickly gets used to inhaling the smoke. She than pulls up a couple videos to watch experienced models perform open mouth inhales and snap inhales. She then pulls out her little pocket mirror to practice and watch herself learn how to perform them like the models in the videos. After getting pretty good at it she decides to light up another VS120 and call her girlfriend to tell her all about it and how she plans on becoming a regular heavy smoker and wants to become a smoking model herself. After she hangs up she grabs her mirror again to practice sexy inhales as she finishes her cigarette
The video is filmed from a front view and a side view showing off her outfit and both angles are included in separate HD downloads.

Date: August 4, 2023

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