Bree Sexy 120s Smoking USASmokers


Here is heavy smoking babe Bree smoking four 120s in her new smoking video, 1 Capri 120 and 3 VS120s in 4 sexy smoking scenes. The four scenes were captured at different times over 9 months and shows Bree’s progression at performing snaps and OMIs. She smokes each cigarette in her usual powerful style with hard drags and deep inhales along with some double pumps. Bree looks and smiles at you often as she has a great time smoking her long cigarettes all the way down, she shows you the filter a few times in one scene as the filter gets darker and darker. All scenes are captured from two angles and are included. Adorable power smoking beauty Bree looking great and having fun smoking long all white cigarettes for you

Date: August 6, 2023

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