3 Beginners Playing Pool


What would it feel like to enter a bar and encounter 3 girls in their early 20s smoking while playing at the pool table?

The 3 girls smoke and share 8 cork cigarettes of their usual brands with different style and attitude. They belong to a new generation of smoking girls, as they are just started their own journeys in their smoking habit recently. Due to the nature of the game they are playing, the warmy cigarettes usually dangle from their lips, as they make a move.

Blonde: After lighting up each of her 3 cigarettes, her continuous snap inhales result in large cone exhales that fill the room.
Mireya C: She will hold her snap-inhales long enough to wonder if she will exhale the smoke from the 2 cigarettes smoked in this video.
Carlota: The heavier smoker of the crowd, she will power through 3 cigarettes, almost using it as a means to focus and win the game.
The names of the models are going to be revealed in future solo videos.

Date: August 7, 2023

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