Carlota: Interview To A Chain Smoker


During the 33 minutes of this video, Carlota is shown smoking 10 cigarettes. She started smoking four years ago and quickly became a natural chain smoker, as she reveals in the interview.

This movie consist on two scenes, plus a bonus:

Scene 1: Carlota chain smokes 3 cigarettes along 9 minutes, right after a long craving. The scene is filmed from a close-up angle, and the mirror on the background reflects the full width view. Carlota exudes a young femme fatale beauty in her. Sensitive girl on a strong shell, yet funny and friendly, but protecting the void she longs to fill. Her full lips willingly wrap and pop the cigarette, which sizzles in embers to provide her with the ephemeral pleasure she craves. The crystal-clear popping sounds enhance the presence of her strawberry-tarry breath flashing cigarettes.
Scene 2: During the 20-minutes interview, Carlota reveals that she become accustomed to smoke in bed, where she smokes the most. During this scene, she chain smokes 7 cigarettes, while being interviewed while laying comfortably bed. She reveals she started to smoke to replace her obsession with lollipops. Such oral fixation started at an early age. Is this the reason of her ritual of licking each cigarette before lighting up? The interview if full of statements about her quick progression.
Scene 3: A selection of the most beautiful B-angles completes the last 4 minutes of the full movie, showcasing natural dangles, long holds, nostril exhales and double drags.
Go for this video and enjoy an immersive experience alongside a fresh heavy smoker who truly pops her cigarettes.

Date: August 7, 2023

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