Vanessa: Smoking Bombshell In The Pool


Committed smoker Vanessa (38 at depiction date) will smoke 7 cigarettes along this summery video in the pool. Did you witnessed her signature double and triple drags on her past videos? Today, be ready to count on her octuple drags as she holds generous amounts of creamy smoke inside her hypnotic breasts.

Scene 1: Vanessa will chain smoke two cigarettes for starters, while getting ready for her bath. Wearing tight black clothes, she will smoke some highly addictive flavoured cigarettes, which have been recently banned in EU. Her breasts will rise higher than ever to absorb the nicotine along with the ultra-processed additives she so badly needs nowadays.
Scene 2: It is your destiny to take a bath with Vanessa in the pool while you feel the closeness of her smoke-laden breasts. Her smoke-drunk nipples kindly float behind her wet shirt, as she smiles to you dying of pleasure. This scene could stay etched in your mind, becoming a powerful fantasy to be watched again and again for years to come. Vanessa will smoke 4 cigarettes in the pool scene.
Scene 3: After her lovemaking efforts to her previous 6 cigarettes, Vanessa needs to rest on her floating mattress, wearing a red bikini, and so she continues kissing her seventh cigarette, the icing on the cake: well savoured, long held, as she licks her lips with pleasure, she fill her insatiable body with the recently forbidden ultra-processed smoke.

Date: August 7, 2023

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