Yurina: Smoking Debut


In 2021, Yurina gained popularity as a “smoking model” after broadcasting herself smoking for first time at the age of 30.

Yurina debuts at smokingsweeties exuding the sensuality of her curvy body, while enjoying a total of eight 100s cigarettes in 5 consecutive scenes:

  • Scene 1: Wearing nylon stockings and see-through t-shirt, Yurina smokes around the bed during a rainy night. She enjoys posing sensually while inhaling the smoke, as she has learned to do so through her own social media channels.
  • Scene 2: POV angles, close up, during this scene you will feel her close presence as she chain smokes two cigarettes while laying on the bed. Her full lips kiss the cigarettes, flashing the ring of fire.
  • Scene 3: This scene was filmed one year ago, when we had our first meeting on a terrace outdoors
  • Scene 4: Contemplate Yurina smoking in a cocktail bar setting, surrounded with mirrors. Enjoy all her perspectives, profile, front and back, while she smokes one of her 100s after a bad craving.
  • Scene 5: Again with nylon stockings, smoking around the bed, Yurina smokes 2 100s. Long holds, crystal clear sound. Right after this scene, a compilation of best camera B takes has been appended.

Yurina has developed a sensual smoking style, with pretty snap inhales, cone exhales and casual nostril exhales on display. She is really used to pose smoking while maintaining eye contact with the camera confidently.

Date: August 7, 2023

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