3 Smoking Girl Friends – Part 2


If you enjoyed the 1st part, you’ll fall even more in love with these three smoking beauties in this 2nd part. Olivia, Yasmin, and Xema are back to delight you with 4 exciting smokey scenes:

Scene 1: Xema and Yasmin wait for Olivia while each gets started with corks cigarettes. Later, Olivia arrives. After having smoke blown to her face by her girlfriends, claiming she did not want to smoke, she grabs a cigarette as well. She ends up finishing her ciggie on her own.
Scene 2: Yasmin takes full advantage of the treadmill to have an intimate smoke with you. While she seductively walks, her eyes will trap you after every long but delicate exhale.
Scene 3: We are rejoined by the three models once again, while they wear their hats. This time Xema claims that “only the smokers know” how smoking relaxes you.
Scene 4: In this last scene, Xema takes on the treadmill to show off her smoking skills. Here, she role-plays as your smoking teacher: “You would have a good teacher!”

Date: August 8, 2023

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