Gwen: Sensual Heavy Smoker


Watch accomplished smoking model Gwen enjoying 7 cigarettes during 30 minutes. This video is the 2nd part of Accomplished Smoking Model clip, filmed in 2019. Today, smoking between cotton sheets.

It starts with a scene on the sofa chain smoking 2 cigarettes. She flirts with a real-life casual suitor on her phone as she negligently kisses her cork cigarettes and blows up the smoke to the camera.

On the bed, Gwen flashes 4 cigarettes. On the 3th cigarette, her attention is genuinely focused on being penetrated by cigarette smoke. She blows up her lungs with delightfully milked smoke clouds, leaving the ashes on the cigarette, as she is continuously provided with a sophisticated explosion of pleasure, to which she is addicted since she was 14. Her body has been sculpted from fitness and cigarettes. Her erect nipples share the diameter with cigarette butts. Witness her sweet nicotine rush provided after 4 chained cigarettes, along this bed scene. The Goddess can’t stop kissing her cork cigarettes, her flirty eyes search for an accomplice who witness her sweet addiction to nicotine. Later she continues flirting with her male suitor on her mobile, while rushing a last cigarette on the bed.

The video continues with a last scene milking another cigarette on the natural sunlight of a window, as she chooses which bra fits her best on her well-smoked chest.

Gwen shines on this video. She loves to be watched while smoking. Flirty and confident, her tongue plays sensually with the smoke. Her kissable lips are perhaps the most sensual cigarette sucking mechanism ever created.

Date: August 8, 2023

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