Coffee, cough and cigarettes in the morning Smoking Angie


Coffee, cough and cork cigarettes in the morning!
“What’s the best medicine for a morning cough?” Oh yes, a couple of cigarettes. “And what’s the best medicine to a tired girl?” Some coffee, definitely. I am all natural since I just wake up (except for some lip gloss and mascara, I wanted to look pretty for you) and I am wearing my furry and fluffy pajamas an white top and pants. It’s early morning so I cough a lot, I am sitting in the couch you are in front of me. I smoke a Marlboro red cause I want something strong but they do go a little bit harsh on my throat… I smoked A LOT last night so I have a bit of a morning cough, ok I confess I have a strong cough this morning but like I said my cigarettes will fix that. Coffee and cigarettes are so good in the morning it helps me to get ready for a full day! Of smoking… lol I talk with you a lot in this clip, when I am not you know… coughing, cleaning my throat, drinking my coffee or smoking lol come spend your money I mean your morning with me, having a cough, sorry, a coffee a cigarette and a chitchat! It’s still too earlier for this girl lol 
Smoking Fetish Angie (@thebeautyofsmoking) OnlyFans

Date: August 10, 2023
Actors: Angie

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