New addiction, new morning habits Eva36d


Custom Clip:

“This morning the cigarette craving to too strong: you wake up, you are still in bed, but now need a cigarette immediately.
You hop out of the bed, get your cigarettes out of your purse, hop back into the bed and light up! It feels good!
Smoking in bed, you talk a bit about how you started smoking with your colleague at work and then started smoking more.
You never planned to get addicted.
But the more you smoked, the more you started to love it! This cigarette feels so good!
More than half way through your cigarette, you start to slowly touch yourself. You say to yourself: I am a smoker now!
But it doesn’t scare you, calling yourself a smoker, you realize that this makes you so horny! You like being a naughty smoker!
Your cigarette is finished now, but touching yourself and masturbating has not finished yet! You are so horny!
You undress completely (get rid of your shirt and panties, and lie naked now on the bed, ready to finish what you started:
But first, you need another cigarette!
You light another cigarette and continue masturbating until you come and your cigarette is finished, talking a little bit about yourself as a smoker, that you love it and how it makes you feel.
At the end you say: “Oh my god, feels so fucking good. I will need to do this more often!”

Date: August 15, 2023
Actors: Eva36d

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