Bea & Nieves: New Generation Of Smoking Talents


Nieves and Bea are two young spanish models from the current new generation of smoking girls, conspicuously headed in the straight direction to become heavy smokers over the years. Along the 28 minutes of this video, the viewer will be eyewitness of their smoky process: 21 years old smokers aimed to enjoy and need cigarettes so badly. The video consists of four scenes:

  • Scene 1: Bea and Nieves are relaxing on the sofa. Here you can witness some sort of “smoking intimacy” as the two cuddle a lot, share cigarettes and smoke and really just feast on the comfort they have while smoking together. There is also some short minor dialogue in Spanish (non subtitled) which nicely adds the raspy smoker voice of Bea to the smoky atmosphere.
  • Scene 2: Nieves (the blonde skinny girl) is now sitting at the table, enjoying a cigarette while checking her cell phone and reading in a magazine. Some nice dangling and long drags here.
  • Scene 3: Bea and Nieves chain smoke another couple of cigarettes while listening to some music. Posing, smokeplay and mutual teasing/flirting like in the first scene.
  • Scene 4: Solo scene of Bea (the sexy petite brunette). If you watch her smoking, you might get the impression that she is one of those young smokers (among many others) who have already figured out a long time ago that smoking could be the perfect personality and lifestyle attribute for young women. Her incredible voice underlines this assessment.

This video puts on display two young smokers who do a great smoking performance in front of the camera for their very first times. Check out their smoking skills and their smoky innocence!

Date: August 17, 2023

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