Lorena: Erect Drags


In this video, beautiful Lorena smokes three cigarettes and thereby easily proves that smoking is just something that young beautiful women like her will always enjoy to the fullest. Erect drags, tasting the smoke, inhaling and exhaling are those things that she performs here with great commitment in order not to miss a single moment of her intimate smoking pleasure. Check out the three scenes:

Scene 1: Lorena is sitting on an easy chair and has her first cigarette. Different view angles, several cigarette dangling sections. See how she flourishes when she is applying her dedicated smoking style.
Scene 2: Lorena changed her outfit and is now sitting in front of the laptop having another cigarette. Againg some nice cigarette dangling and erect drags from different view angles. She is just beautiful with her long hair and her smoking complements that for sure.
Scene 3: Comparable to first scene but now she is standing while smoking her last cigarette. Again, long erect drags ended with hollowing cheeks.
Lorena may not be the heaviest smoker here but her combinations of dragging, inhaling and exhaling show that she is one of those committed smokers that always take care conscentiously of utilizing a cigarette’s pleasure potential to the maximum.

Date: August 17, 2023

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