Rosy & Desiree: Smoking Sisters


This video introduces Rosy’s sister Desiree, joining on an intense smoking session. From the first glance, you would not presume that these two young women are actually sisters and also their smoking styles differ quite a lot. Well, displaying the diversities of women’s heavy smoking styles has always been a steady matter of smokingsweeties. So this video is perfect for all those who like to categorize or to rank the smoking skills of the models. And in this case, you can even compare sisters. Check out the 4 scenes of this production: Scene 1: Rosy and Desiree are sitting on the sofa smoking two cigarettes each. They answer some questions about their smoking history. Interestingly, Desiree is older than Rosy but she was introduced to smoking by the latter. Here you already find out that both women are of course heavy smokers but have developed distinct styles and abilities which is just fine. Scene 2: Rosy and Desiree have changed their outfits for a smoking race. There is a winner (and a looser of course) but this does not mean anything as both know that they can easily increase their smoking speed any time they want. Scene 3: A solo scene with Desiree. Here, she smokes two cigs in two different outfits. This scene can be described as a distillate of Desiree’s smoking. The cig “resides” between her forefinger and her middle finger, is then being led to the exact middle of her lips so that she can exercise her decisive dragging, followed by a max snap inhale and in the end of the cycle you will witness her eruptive exhales. Also enjoy her impressive chest job. Scene 4: Rosy and Desiree are smoking together again: Desiree is sitting in the foreground while Rosy is standing in the background, showing a lot of skin. This scene explains why Rosy is such a popular model (check out the respective preview pics above). Be aware that this video also shows some nice coughing: Just when laughing turns into coughing, you can be sure that these two beauties just never hesitate to light up one cigarette after the other in their real lifes!

Date: August 17, 2023

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