Amikos Toy Box CoherentLight


Amiko’s tastes are deliciously perverse. This Japanese-American beauty is as non-traditional as they come, and several vignettes demonstrate just some of her favorite fantasies. In the first, Amiko is in fetishwear, gloves and stockings – and a huge and magical strap-on, which she lovingly massages as she smokes and describes a very nasty fantasy that involves her and the viewer, which ends in a very graphic and messy finale. Then Amiko savors the pleasures of her submissive girl friend; teasing her, licking and blowing smoke at the face hidden behind the realistic lips of a rubber vaginal mask. Occasionally Amiko feeds her the cigarette as well, and she ends with five minutes of pleasure using her thick strap-on between her girlfriends rubber lips. Amiko’s smoking is strong, with deep inhales and husky mouth, mouth/nose and talking exhales; the dialogue and action is explicit and nasty.

Date: August 19, 2023
Actors: Amiko (CLP)

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