Be Bi For Me CoherentLight


This video features Megan, in all her sexy and smoking glory, weaving a stimulating dark-side story from the comfort of her bedroom. Your lovely wife has a surprise for you. She is in a playful mood and hopes you are as well because she’s always wanted to see you play with another man. Tonight she’ll get her wish. Of course, there is an underlying motive for her planned adventure. She wants a taste as well. Can you handle it? She verbally takes you down to the hotel bar where you both pick the man and it isn’t long before the three of you are (in the spellbinding story) back in the room and getting more comfortable. The remainder of the video involves Megan giving a lusty and playful blow-by-blow description of the action that follows. While this is a two-camera video focusing solely on Megan, the story she tells takes you directly into the imaginary action until it’s actually real. This video features dialogue and natural sound.

Date: August 19, 2023
Actors: Megan (CLP)

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