The Fortunes Of Nadja CoherentLight


Nadja is fond of collectibles. Things like businesses and bank accounts. She uses a man’s weaknesses to get what she wants. And she wants it all. She loves to tease them mercilessly using her voice, her touch and her exquisite smoking to make them beg, making them jump through hoops in the hope they can someday even touch her. But that day never comes. She’ll just own you and savor the sweet pleasures it gives her to keep you teased and wanting. The video has three long, tempting scenes which feature dark side themes, but tons of great smoking for the non-darksiders. Nadja smokes Marlboro Lights 100s in her long holders in this video, and shows all of her outstanding smoking talents including open-mouth inhales, snaps, mouth/nose exhales, and lots of smoke-in-the face. This video has dialogue and natural sound.

Date: August 19, 2023
Actors: Nadja (CLP)

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