Vanessa: The Interview


Chain-smoking Vanessa gives a lengthy interview on her long love affair with cigarettes. From the moment she tried her first nicotine-laden treat at the age of 11, beautiful Vanessa has fostered her lifelong addiction, smoking 40 cigarettes every day (and some days 60) since she was only 16. Throughout the dialogue (subtitled in English), this smoking-fetishist dream, smokes with breathtaking efficiency, audibly inhaling huge mouthfuls of strong smoke deep into her experienced lungs. As she talks about her 18 years smoking progress, she exhales generous amounts of residual smoke. Practice didn’t made her smoking style perfect, she doesn’t not have a showy style, instead practice made her to become fully dependent on nicotine. She devours her cigarettes with untold veracity – providing her body with a constant supply of nicotine from her chest, filled to capacity and describing in her own words the pleasure of holding the smoke for maximum absorption. A scene follows with Vanessa chaining two more cigarettes while dancing in a tight catsuit, perfectly showcasing the rise and fall of her ribcage to accommodate her beloved nicotine clouds. Vanessa remains a power-smoking goddess who, by her own admission, can never quit.

Date: September 17, 2023

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