Caroline: French Smoking Sweetheart


Caroline is a french sweetheart who loves smoking. Like most french girls she’s began to smoke really young, and now, though she’s only 19, she’s already an expert smoker.

It’s the week end and Caroline just woke up, she’s still in bed and like every morning she needs her cigarettes to get fully awake. She enjoys three full flavour cigarettes, dragging deep and fast to get enough of the nicotine her body missed so bad during the night.  She craves her smoke so much that she burns down a cigarette in less than three minutes. And despite her coughing from so much smoke she lights up again, her lips shaking from the rush of nicotine inside her body as she takes her intense deep drags.
She gets up but still needs more: she smokes another one blowing soap bubbles full of smoke.

She decides to spend the whole morning at home so she can smoke as much as she wants. This time she smokes 6 long 120, lighting them with matches. The satisfaction of filling her body with so much smoke makes her smile, as she takes cheek hollowing drags, with natural open mouth inhales, snaps, french inhales, dangles, and powersmoking with long thick creamy exhales. This girl loves to play with her smoke, she blows it in a glass of red wine, filling it up with white smoke before drinking it, the filter of her 120s stained with red lipstick.

Before going out, she smokes a last one dressed in high heels, dragging even harder and faster to get her ready for the day. This video is for all of you who love young but realldy addicted smoking girls with powersmoking style.

Date: July 1, 2023

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