Teaching A Beginner To Inhale


First step: Marta wants to teach smoking to Nina. First she’s bugging her with her exhales, she blows the smoke right in Nina’s face. Nina is really reluctant, but she accepts soon to receive her first cigarette. Marta sometimes put her own cigarette in Nina’s mouth to make her smoke 2 cigarettes at once! She even tries with three! Marta is always lighting Nina’s cigarettes with her lighter and then gives it to her… Untill she asks Nina to light a fresh cigarette with the previous one. At that point, Nina finds smoking “not too bad”. And as Marta coaches her for new experiences, Nina seems to enjoy smoking more and more!

Second step: Marta drags hard on her cigarette and asks Nina to suck the smoke out of her mouth and inhale. After a short time, it is Nina’s turn to give the smoke with smoking kisses.

Third step: (learning to inhale and enjoy smoking) Marta teaches Nina how to keep the smoke inside to fully enjoy it in her whole body. In the end, believe it or not, Nina says: “I want to smoke another cigarette!” She smokes it all slowly, sometimes sharing with Marta. “Open the mouth and do a shhh sound”. As she sees her friend smoking and trying her best to do it properly, Marta gets a grin on her face.

This video features English subtitles. The girls either light up their full flavour cigarettes with a lighter or with the previous cigarette. It also gives you the opportunity to discover how a girl that was reluctant to smoke, begins to enjoy it and even asks for more cigarettes!


Date: July 12, 2023

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