Meet Natasha Second Hand Smoke


This video opens with Natasha in casual clothes, having several cigarettes while doing a nice smoking interview about when and how she started, her smoking details, and so on. We then see her kinkier side; Natasha has a weakness for fetish clothing – corsets, PVC, leather – and she has several cigarettes while showing off a black and red corset and skirt. Natasha then switches to an even kinkier look, with a PVC top, collar, spiked bracelets and a schoolgirl skirt. She has a number of cigarettes while slowly exposing her breasts, and sensuously caressing and playing with them, blowing smoke on them, and just plain enjoying herself. The video finishes with Natasha topless and in a thong, along with boots and of course, several more cigarettes. This video has some dialogue, along with ambient sound and some silence. There are some outtakes that are included during the video, which have some shaky camera work but some good smoking, so they were left in.

Date: July 24, 2023

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