Sexy heavy smoker Linlin’s depth long interview Asian Fetish Club


Sexy french inhale model Linlin returns to our studio to continue her chain smoking interview series. This pretty 22 year old beauty is a previous model contest contestant. She has been smoking for 4 years since she was . She became addicted quickly when she was 18 years old after only one week of smoking. Her addiction soon became a habit and now cigarettes are an important part of her life. This girl is too cute and innocent looking to smoke. Can you believe that she smokes 1 and a half packs of strong Chinese brand Yuxi cigarettes daily? All her fans enjoy watching this attractive babe put smoke into her body with thick dream french inhales.
In this video Linlin wears a red skirt when she chain smokes 2 cigarettes in a row in 10 minutes. She shows you the cigarette butts at the end so you can see how dark they became from all the tar. She continues answering questions from the producer about her smoking habits, history, attitude and health awareness concerns including:
1) Would you consider reducing or quitting smoking if you were pregnant?

2) Would you reducing or stopping smoking if you had a bad cold or fever?

3) How many cigarettes will you smoke if you go out to KTV with your friends or stay home alone?

4) Do you smoke at your parent’s home?

5) Would you choose to give up smoking for your boyfriend?

6) What do you think of the physical, social or emotional bad effects of smoking?

7) Have you ever had chest pain?

8) Do you know anyone who has died from smoking?
You should get this video now because you won’t be able to take your eyes off this alluring sweetheart when you see her perfect body figure, exhales right at you and french inhales. All scenes are filmed from 2 angles including a front view and side view. All exhales and elegant french inhales are highlighted by improved side view angle filming that enhances the large smoke volume visual effect. Don’t miss this fantastic french inhale masterpiece

Date: July 30, 2023

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