Keenan Solo CoherentLight


Keenan was just 19 when she shot this video from the CoLight vaults, but even then she loved glamour in her life, and VS 120s, sequins, a boa and a killer smile seemed to fit the bill. There are five different segments on this video starting with a black rhinestone strap dress followed by sequined gowns, veiled hats and gloves with a blue sequined dress. For one brief segment she is joined by a friend for a little smoke swapping. Keenan smokes VS 120 with tight stream exhales and nose exhales with right-at-you shots as well, and there are lots of nice open-mouth inhales and snaps plus incredible closeup footage. This video was shot in analog (not digital) and has natural sound.

Date: July 12, 2023
Actors: Keenan (CLP)

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