Double Pumps 1 In Real Life


Double Pumps 1 features attractive real girls taking two inhales in a row on each drag, before exhaling. This video features natural audio. Angela Marie shows some mouth/nose exhales, Aubrey some snaps and a few french inhales, Romy takes the deepest inhales and does some triple drags, and Crystal chains two cigarettes in a row. Note that this video is intended to show models inhaling more smoke than usual – they take two full inhales before exhaling, with occasional nose leakage, but they do not usually exhale through their noses while taking the second inhale. One scene was shot in letterbox format. You will see the girls smoke Marlboro Lights 100s and Marlboro 100s in this video, and use lighters for lightups, plus the chain-lightup from Crystal.

Date: July 11, 2023

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