Kalina: Smoking Sweet Angel


Kalina is a 23 years old sweetangel who moved from Poland to Barcelona two years ago. It was then when she started to smoke regullary, at a pace of 25 cigarettes per day, due to the stress from her new job, also because her new friendships in the city. This video is her debut at SmokingSweeties, her new habit has bring her to fullfill her dream of becoming a glamour model one day. She is a shy girl, which makes her presence even more sensual and intriguing.

The video contains 7 scenes, in some of which Kalina chain smokes two cigarettes indulging her urge to smoke. She clearly loves to inhale the smoke and feel her lungs burning before exhaling. Her breast expands gracefully after each inhale, a fact that is evident along each scene of this video.

French Inhales and nostril exhales come out naturally. Her interesting smoking style blows the whistle on the countless hours she has been practicing the art of filling ashtrays during the last two years.

Date: August 17, 2023

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