Insider 2 Nadja CoherentLight


The Insider series is CoLight’s series of DVDs compiled from footage shot exclusively for their paysite. In this video featuring perhaps CoLight’s most popular model, Nadja, we see her smoking while putting on make-up and watching some morning TV, smoking VS 120s in a gown, reclining on a table, playing the Jersey Girl smoking Pall Mall unfiltereds and dangling, as an executive after work, as a vixen, in lingerie, and then in an interesting scene in which there are two images of Nadja, smoking next to herself. Throughout the video, Nadja shows her incredible snaps, open-mouth inhales, double drags, thick mouth and nose exhales – exquisitely accomplished smoking. This video has natural audio and some dialogue.

Date: July 12, 2023
Actors: Nadja (CLP)

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