I want you to suffer on your addiction Ashiana Smokes


You’ve been worrying about your health. Trying to cut down your cigarettes. But this goddess will not let that happen. I don’t want you to stop what you have started.  You need the encouragement of the goddess of smoke.

We will start with one. You know why you don’t fully enjoy your cigarette? It is because you don’t let the nicotine be absorbed by that filthy lungs. You need hard drags, deep inhales so your lungs would embrace the smoke. I’m commanding you to that repeatedly.

Next we will smoke 2 cigarettes at a time. Drag after drag. I will not let your lungs rest. I’ll make sure that it gets what it deserves. Your life is already a mess. Why not make smoking as the best treat you can get?

For the final cigarette. This can be more addictive. Will command you to smoke faster and take many drags as you can til it gets to the filter. I so love to watch you suffer from your choice of addiction.

Date: July 14, 2023

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