Jenna Can’t Quit Smoking USASmokers


Here is a sexy custom made video featuring Jenna. It starts off with Jenna getting home from work as a secretary who is trying to quit smoking cigarettes. She is on her 3rd day of no smoking but had a bad day at work so she really wants to smoke. She knows she hid a pack of cigarettes somewhere so she desperately rips through her stuff throwing things everywhere looking for the pack. Once she finally finds her Virginia Slims she is very relieved and kicks back and lights one up. Halfway through her first cigarette she starts to relax and gets more comfortable by kicking off her shoes, then removes her glasses and lets her hair down. Jenna was fiending so she needs to smoke another cigarette, she lights it up and gets more comfortable by removing her dress and enjoys her second cigarette in just her bra, panties and stockings.
Jenna chain smokes 2 long Virginia Slim 120s with lots of hands free smoking and talking about her smoking habit throughout.

Date: July 18, 2023

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