Morning Cigarettes & Coughing in a hurry for work Eva36d


Custom clip :

” I’d love to see your first few cigarettes of the day and your morning cough.

You could start the video with your alarm going off and you putting your light on as you grab your cigarettes from you nightstand.  You’re late for work but you need your nicotine before you leave so you need to smoke quickly as you’re getting ready.  

You need to cough quite a lot to clear your lungs in the morning and as as you’re smoking your morning cigarettes, you keep talking to yourself – ‘my poor lungs’ and ‘I really must cut back on my cigarettes’ or ‘I just need some more smoke to calm my lungs’.

You’re getting ready for work so you put on a tight skirt and a shirt but no bra and maybe do some makeup before rushing out to catch the bus/train.” Enjoy!

Date: July 19, 2023
Actors: Eva36d

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